Without a strategy, you can’t run a successful B2B ecommerce business. It is simply not enough to do ecommerce just because the world is headed there. Business owners must do their homework and adapt to the newest trends in the market.

In 2019, lots of B2B ecommerce trends are driving the growth of businesses and brands. But, what do these trends mean for B2B business owners and manufacturers? Can these trends help you choose the right ecommerce platform in 2019?

Here are some of the top trends we are seeing in B2B strategies in 2019.

1.Defining the Ecommerce Strategy

This is affecting all business owners. It is no longer enough for business owners to rely on email or phone orders. As competition moves to online ordering, businesses without ecommerce are feeling pressure through lowered sales.

In order to sell online, business owners must plan and define their strategy. They should know where their business is now and where they want to be in 5, 10, 15 years from now.

2. Defining Strategic Relationship to Amazon

The B2B trend of Amazon impact and positive pressure on businesses has increased. Even though this pressure looks different in every market, it requires businesses to act fast in defining their Amazon strategy. When defining your strategy, you need to answer the following questions: ● Who has the market power? ● Do you need full branding control? ● Are the competitors’ products available on Amazon? ● If you decide to sell on Amazon, how will the orders get posted?

3. Adapt Ecommerce to Distributors’ Needs

In order to make ecommerce attractive for distributors to make orders, business owners are finding uniquely tailored ecommerce solutions.

One example of this trend is offering real-time shipment weight information in the shopping cart. This allows distributors to place lots of orders and get the best value of freight costs.

By removing the uncertainty about total order weight, businesses are becoming more attractive to do business with.

4. Incorporate the Voice of the Customers

Usually, businesses haven’t had to think about the overall buying experience they provide. Product specialization is strong enough to drive B2B customers to businesses.

However, this has changed and it will continue to change in 2019. The product will no longer be good enough for manufacturers. Customer experience is crucial.

Since businesses haven’t considered customer experience before, they must adopt a new strategy – incorporating the needs of the customers.

You need to understand your customers and offer them a solution to their problem. By incorporating the voice of the customers into your B2B strategy, you can expect an escalation in sales and revenue.

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5. Simplify the Customer
Journey with E-Payments

You can’t offer 100% self-service if your payment process depends on paper checks. In order to put the buying journey in the hands of the purchasers, successful and forward-thinking businesses are launching e-payment options.

Not every type of business will be able to get on board with this trend. Paper checks still account for about 60% of the payments in B2B. Customers will continue to struggle with the traditional payment methods which many businesses use.

For businesses who do use a user-friendly e-payment process, the environment will offer them a unique competitive advantage, especially in competitive markets.

6. Prioritize Scalable
Ecommerce Platforms

B2B ecommerce serves complex and large businesses. In order to serve these businesses, you need a platform that can support your growth, traffic, orders, and sales.
Scalable ecommerce platforms are your best choice. These platforms allow you to transition to the next phase of your business.
If you planning on growing your business in the future, scalable ecommerce solutions like Shopify ecommerce platform or BigCommerce are worth considering.
By adding these trends to your B2B ecommerce strategy, you will notice positive changes in no time.

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