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B2B platform examples revealed

It doesn’t really matter whether you are running your B2B business from the United Kingdom, Australia or any other country in the world – the fact is that the Internet provides endless opportunities to this specific kind of business. in order to maximize the effects of your online B2B venture, you should conduct some research and find the best platforms that can help you build and manage a B2B eCommerce website. We will use this article to provide a few great B2B platform examples.


BigCommerce is one of the most popular B2B platforms today. This is a platform that relies on cloud technology and it’s especially useful for businesses that are growing fast. With its unique and useful features as well as with the high level of flexibility, BigCommerce promises a lot of interesting things for its users.

Besides the fact that this platform allows businesses to grow fast and without breaking the bank, it also features tools like advanced shipping, bulk pricing, quote management, sophisticated search, third-party data synchronization, credit card authorization and more. What’s important to remember is that BigCommerce is used by small businesses, mid-sized businesses and enterprises.

Shopify Plus

A list of good B2B eCommerce platforms without Shopify Plus would be a list that’s missing something. Shopify Plus is newer compared to Shopify, but it comes with additional features designed specifically for this category of users. B2B businesses can use many built-in features, but if they are looking for added functionality they can use the specially designed store where they can find all kinds of applications. In addition, it’s good to know that Shopify offers a trial period which can help you test all their features and find out whether their platform suits you.


We will end this short list of great B2B platforms with Contalog. This is a very popular platform which has proven to be helpful in many different situations. For example, with Contalog, inventory management, handling products, and order management are much simpler. This platform has a responsive, modern design which makes it easier to use the platform regardless of the device you have. This is a very popular omnichannel commercial platform which comes with a myriad of features including mobile commerce, inventory management, B2B eCommerce store builder, field sales application, in-store experience, and product management. All in all, this is an eCommerce platform that is worth trying.

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