Top B2B Platforms in 2019

According to many experts, creating and running an eCommerce website is a must for every B2B business. The good thing is that there are many B2B platforms out there that can help businesses come up with modern, user-friendly websites. Obviously, if you want to get the best results you should focus on the top B2B platforms out there. This 2019, users can choose from dozens of platforms like this. Yet, not all of them are equally good. As a matter of fact, modern B2B businesses are focused on just a few of them.

Shopify Plus

You’ve probably heard about Shopify, but did you know that there is Shopify Plus, a variant of Shopify created for B2B users? There are many well-known brands like L’Oreal, Adidas, and Tesla that are using this platform. As expected, there’s more than one good reason why someone would want to use Shopify Plus. For example, in addition to the wide range of built-in features, this platform offers access to more than 1500 applications. Your website will come with an SSL Certificate and you can expect integration with over 20 sales channels. Another interesting fact is that Shopify Plus is able to process hundreds of orders per second. Finally, this hosted solution allows you to launch multiple sites from one backend.


If you decide to use Opencart, you can expect to create a B2B eCommerce website that looks modern and stylish. As the name suggests, this is an open-source platform which usually means that you can expect a high level of customization. This intuitive platform is ideal for complete beginners in this area. You don’t need any coding, programming or another kind of tech knowledge to use this platform. Additionally, with the help of Opencart, users can create user groups, send template-based emails to specific customers, create partner groups and do many other useful things.


Lastly, we have 3dcart on this list of great B2B platforms. With its help, you can easily convert regular web traffic into buyers. We can confirm that 3dcart has all the basic features you can find in the most popular platforms of this kind, but it also has a few more features. For instance, you can use 3dcart for customer segmentation as well as for tax management. Another great thing about it is the product quantity discount option which allows the site to provide discounts automatically.

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